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      Rafael  Sucheras is a piano / keyboard player, composer and producer, borned in Austin Texas in 1980. Son of an Argentine jazz piano player and an actress, he grew up at the mountains of Valle de Las Leñas Amarillas, en Mendoza, Argentina. His musical path starts at Buenos Aires city during the 90s, when he ran into the Argentine´s scene being part of several rock, funk, jazz, electronic, pop and folk music bands. He currently resides in Europe, basing his musical activities in the cities of Madrid and Vienna.

    Through the works "Distance", "Museum of Fiction" and the short film "Landscape" by the director and playwright Matías Umpierrez, his compositions have been presented in emblematic places of the world audiovisual scene such as Museum Of Modern Art (MOMA), Lincoln Arts Center in New York; Gemäldegalerie (Rolex Art Weekend Berlin), MOMMA (Territoria Festival, Moscow), Naves del Español en Matadero (Madrid), San Telmo Museum (DFeria Festival, San Sebastián, Spain), Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival (BAFICI), Buenos Aires International Theater Festival (FIBA), San Martín Cultural Center in Buenos Aires and International Theater Festival (FIT) from Manizales (Colombia). He also performed the music of the play Teatro Solo (Lone Theater), also by Umpierrez, presented in New York, San Pablo, Buenos Aires, Madrid, Portland, San Sebastián and the Pyrenees.

As member of the company El Balcón de Mersault, he collaborated with director Mariano Stolkiner both as sound designer and composer in "Under Milk Wood", "Biolenta", "El año de Ricardo" y "Zoraida, la reina del Abasto" and "Rota" (Written by Natalia Villamil)

He composed the music for "La cápsula" by Diego Casado Rubio, premiered in Teatros del Canal (Madrid)


     He shared projects with renamed actors and actress like Angela Molina, Elena Anaya, Robert Lepage, Raquel Ameri, Nicolás Scarpino, Ingrid Pelicori, Marina Bellati and Horacio Marassi, among others.

     In addition to the aforementioned projects, he composed the music of the shows "Drama Home", "The Land of the Calm Mountains", "Novel", "Carlota", "The Irredenta", "Favorite People", "Los Bosques" and "Casta Diva", among others.

     His trajectory in music as piano and keyboard player is marked by versatility: during the last years he played and recorded with many artists such Deborah Dixon, Mauricio Mayer, Fito Páez, Diego Frenkel, Los Guauchos, Juan Huertas,  McKlopedia (Venezuela), Amapola Dry (EEUU), Super Baby Jesus (México), Lee (EEUU), Highlights (Austria), The Legends of Rock (Austria), Ángel Sucheras, Matías Foreiter, Cristian Aldana, Blender and  Ánima Triple, El Santo Beat, La Fuerza Mayor, among others.

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