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Espacios is a selection of music created in collaboration between the composer Rafael Sucheras and the transdisciplinary artist Matías Umpierrez in the period 2013 and 2017. During those years, these sounds were inseparable allies of the dramatic action, dressing images and helping to create audiovisual universes or scenic spots located in different parts of the world.

This works selections tries to resist the ephemeral, as a record, as a memory, or rather as a sound reflection of those works, performances, videos, installations and site-specific interventions, which arrive as musical notes or voices that resonate from the distance.


All the themes were composed and interpreted by Rafael Sucheras, for the aforementioned works.

The texts and voice of Matías Umpierrez accompany tracks 3, 9 and 11


Guest artists:

Agustín Uriburu: Cello in 3

Santiago Martinez: Violin in 3

Santiago Mazzanti: Electric bass in 3

Marcos Di Bello: electric bass in 4

Martin Yubro: Ronroco in 7


All songs were mixed by Rafael Sucheras, except 3 and 7, mixed by Pablo Fioravanti

Mastering and restoration: Pablo Fioravanti at Estudios Santa Marta (Buenos Aires)

Graphic art: Sergio Calvo


This album was produced by Rafael Sucheras and Matías Umpierrez

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